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Classes and Shows


Our 3rd Saturday Fiber Day is Oct 19 from 11- 4 on a drop in basis. You can come spin, weave, knit, crochet, needle felt--whatever fiber art you prefer. Bring a snack to share, if you like.
We now have Saturday Spinning Days the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 11- 4.  Bring a snack to share if you like!  

Even if I am not here, you can come in and spin, knit, crochet.  Sometimes I take a Saturday off--and show season is starting!)

Upcoming dates are:
October 11 from 5-8.



Spinning Painted Braids
Painted braids are so enticing with their multitude of colors and interesting patterns. But so often the resulting yarn either looks heathered or the colors turn to "mud". In this class we will examine different types of painted braids, and see how the way we spin them results in yarns that can give various effects in knitting or weaving. 

Basic spinning skills required. Please bring your spinning wheel in good working order, a lazy kate, three or more bobbins, and your normal spinning tools, as well as your preferred method of labeling your yarns.

Instructor: Terri Veragen
Date: Nov 14 (Thursday)
Time:  1-4
Cost: $60  Materials Fee $15.00
Place: 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Minimum: 2
Prepayment is required.  Please call 303-514-8780 to register.




Toe Up Socks--Two at a Time
Curious about learning to knit socks but are not sure where to start?  Trying to figure out how to get 2 socks to match?  Do you have a hard time picking up gusset stitches or hate working wrap and turn short rows?  Does Kitchner stitch give you fits?  Are you the victim of second socksyndrome?

If you answered yes to any of these, then our Two At A Time Toe Up Socks class is for you.
We will make 2 socks at the same time so that when you are finished, you are done.  You will have a pair of socks ready to wear.

The first two hour class will cover topics such as: how to fit a sock to your foot, the parts of a sock, how to cast on and continue knitting in the round using the Magic Loop method, yarn management, and increases.  In the second two hour class you will work the heel and find out how to make a stretchy bind off.

Once you register for the class, you will get information on where to download the pattern.  You will also need to bring size 1 1/2 (or size needed for a firm fabric), circular needles with approximately a 40" cable, and yarn divided into two equal balls. (We have lots of sock yarns and needles available for purchase at Blazing Star Ranch)
Instructor:  Lisa Kresge
Dates: Nov 19 and Dec 3 (Tuesday)
Time:  2-4
Cost:  $60.00
Location:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Prepayment is required. Please call 303-514-8780 to register.

The Joy of Hand Spindling
(Good as a refresher class, too!)

Spin anywhere, anytime on a hand spindle. These beautiful tools have been used for thousands of years, they're very productive, and they are still the primary tool for spinning in some cultures. 
As portable as knitting socks, you can spindle while waiting at appointments, while your SO drives, while taking a paddling break in the kayak. It's amazing how much you will get done, and it's so much fun! 
Learn all the basics in this class: how to handle fiber, how to draft and spin, how to make strong joins, how to speed spindle. Learn why there are different types and weights of spindles; how to recognize well-prepared fiber and how different fiber preparations affect your spinning.
This class is for the Beginner, but is a perfect refresher if you've been away from the spindle for a while.
Instructor: Anita Deen
DATE:  November 20 (Wednesday)
TIME:  10-1
COST: $60.00 
$10.00 material cost payable to instructor
LOCATION:  Blazing Star Ranch, 3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
Class size is limited.
We will also have other spindles available for purchase!
Call 303-514-8780 to register.  If I am away from the phone, please leave a voice mail and I will call you back. Pre-payment is required.
Beginning Spinning  
Instructor:  Karen Champion
Date:  November 21 and Dec 5 (Thursdays)
Time: 1 - 4
Cost $80.00 Materials Fee $20.00
Wheel Rental Available @ $25/ week
Rental applies to the purchase of a wheel if bought within 2 months of the class.
Location:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, co 80113

This is a 2 session class.  In the first session you will learn a bit about the wheel, different fibers and how to spin a single.  Then you will have homework over the 2 weeks in between sessions.  In the second session you will learn several ways to ply your yarn and set the twist.
Space is limited.  Prepayment is required. To register, call 303-514-8780

Beads, Baubles and Cables  novelty yarn

(must be able to spin a single)
Instructor: Terri Veragen
Date:  Thursday, Dec 12
Time: 1-4
Cost: $60.00
Minimum:  2
Materials Fee $10 (payable to instructor)
Prepayment of class fee is required.  Please call 303-514-8780 to register.
Novelty yarns add interest to your knitted or woven textiles, either used to construct entire garments or as a splash of accent. Learn to spin yarn with incorporated beads, yarns with inclusions such as tufts of fiber, bits of yarn or feathers, and cabled yarns.
Please come to class with two bobbins of different-colored medium-sized singles wool yarn spun in the same direction with medium twist, two empty bobbins, a spool of sewing thread, a sewing needle, and a lazy kate, as well as your spinning wheel in good working order. Beads and inclusions will be provided, or bring your own. Please be sure your wheel is in good working order.
Weave a Scarf in a Day
Instructor: Terri Veragen
Date:  Saturday December 7 
Time:  1-5
4-hour class: $80
Materials fee: $20
Minimum: 2 
Have you ever wanted to try your hand at weaving, but you're not sure it's for you? Come learn the basics of weaving, using rigid heddle looms that have been pre-warped for you. Have fun learning to weave with even beat and good selvedges, change colors, and try out different yarns. We will also discuss planning a project, and demonstrate how a loom is warped. You will leave with a finished scarf, or be able to take your loom home for a week for an additional fee. If you have a color preference, please contact the shop at least a week before class. 


Do you want to make beautiful yarn, expand your spinning horizons, and boost your confidence? This is the class for you. We'll start with a review of the wheel: when and why to adjust, ratios, special features and wheel care, so you can have your wheel work for you and your needs. Learn drafting methods to help you spin efficiently and get the yarn you want, whether thick, thin, slubby, or anything else, from
 any fiber preparation. We'll review the many ways to ply; proper joining methods; and look briefly at fiber preparations. Ergonomics is so important to improve comfort and avoid injury and repetitive injury (it can happen!).
Please be sure your wheel is in good working order.
 Bring problems and questions to solve in class.
Instructor: Anita Deen
Date:  Dec 14 (Saturday)
Time:  10 -1
Cost:  $60
Materials Fee $15 payable to Instructor
Location:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Prepayment is required. Please call 303-514-8780 to register.

Hand Carding and Woolen Spinning
(Long Draw)

Because the term 'woolen' refers to a fiber preparation as well as a spinning method, we'll explore both aspects in this class.
Knowing the differences can help you get the yarn you really want. Learn to use hand cards to make lovely rolags; then learn how to spin them using the long draw to create a lofty, warm yarn. The fiber preparation, wheel set up and spinning technique make a difference in successfully performing this fast and fun spinning method. If there's time, 
we'll use the cards to blend colors, fibers, and commercial top.
Please be sure your wheel is in good working order.
Instructor: Anita Deen
Date:  Jan 16 (Thursday)
Time:  10 -1
Cost:  $60
Materials Fee $10 payable to Instructor
Location:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Prepayment is required. Please call 303-514-8780 to register.

Painting With Fiber
(How To Use A Blending Board) 
Blending boards are so much fun to use, and so is spinning the rolags or punis you create. Think of the blending board as a fiberrolagspalette, but instead of mixing paint, you mix fiber. Once you learn the fundamentals, the sky is the limit to blending fiber, fiber types, colors and textures to create gradients, stripes and more. Then you will learn to spin using the long draw method, a fast and easy way to spin your bounty. There is a difference between the product from a blending board, a drum carder, hand cards or combs-learn how and why fiber preparation makes a difference in your spinning. Please be sure your wheel is in good working order.
Instructor: Anita Deen
Date:  Jan 25 (Thursday)
Time:  10 -1
Cost:  $60
Materials Fee $10 payable to Instructor
Location:  3424 S Broadway, Englewood, CO  80113
Prepayment is required. Please call 303-514-8780 to register.
More classes will be listing on the website, so keep checking.  

Updated November 08, 2019